Why Use Aeromagnetic Surveys?

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Why Use Aeromagnetic Surveys?


Aeromagnetic surveys are an efficient geophysical prospecting tool for many junior mining and mineral exploration companies. A small airplane or helicopter is extensively modified to be magnetically quiet and equipped with wingtip pods and a tail stinger to house magnetometers to acquire naturally occurring magnetic data that can be used to create a detailed datasets of the magnetic fields. This type of survey is cost-effective, safe and time efficient because of the large areas of land that can be covered.


Who Uses Aeromagnetic Surveys?


The benefits of aeromagnetic surveys are most obvious for companies in the mining industry as a means of identifying concentrations of profitable magnetic minerals. Most mining companies now rely on aeromagnetic surveys as the first stage of prospecting and to find new areas for mineral exploration projects. This data is used to determine the expected value of the area for continued mineral exploration.


Find out why the use of aeromagnetic surveys provides cost-effective and precise geophysical mappings of large areas today.    

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